Church of the Assumption (Chiesa dell'Assunta)

Address Piazza San Martino, 14030 Montemagno Monferrato AT, Italia
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Within the medieval core stands the parish church of the Assumption, also of medieval origin.

Until 1648 was the noble church of the Montalero family, with the title of Maria Assunta.

Donated to the parishioners, it was accepted by them as a replacement for the old parish church of Santa Maria, which was far away and difficult to reach because of impassable roads.

The decree of the transfer is from the Bishop of Casale Monsignor Scipione Agnelli, and the deed was notarized in the castle in the presence of notary Giovanni Battista Cerruti, Secretary of the Bishop's Curia, witnesses canons Torquato Mola and Lorenzo Corzino, on May 11, 1648.

The parish church was dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

In the ancient S. Maria, until 1950, the people buried their dead in the surrounding cemetery; never subject to feudalism, free of contest papers in the archives say.

The present church was built by the Montalero around 1600; their tomb, under the floor of the nave, bears the date 1609.

It was enlarged while retaining the architectural and in part the decorative style: the interior cornice bears the donors' gilded coat of arms, the two-headed eagle.

Overall, it is graceful, in a balanced Baroque style, and has preserved the ancient paintings of the vault with gold underlining.

In the past sixty years, the baptistery, the altar of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the mensa of the High Altar have been replaced, leaving the antependium, a valuable work in stucco, intact.

It required expensive work to ensure stability.

The archives show that thirty rectors, parish priests, and spiritual bursars succeeded each other, but note gaps and interventions by the castle chaplains before 1648.

Notable works include: a canvas of St. Gregory, others of St. Elmidio, Rocco, and St. Bovone; there is also a beautiful Madonna and Child with Saints.


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